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Stanley Wu


  • Dec, 2023: A response to IMPRESS on weakening Glaze is now on arXiv
  • Aug, 2023: Joined the SAND Lab as a CS PhD Student
  • July, 2023: Webglaze is released! More on the Glaze homepage

Stanley Wu

  • Chicago, IL
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I am a 1st year Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago SAND Lab, co-advised by Ben Zhao and Heather Zheng.

My primary academic interests lie in trustworthy machine learning, and adversarial attacks/defenses. I am currently focused on researching solutions for people affected by generative AI systems.

I received my bachelors in computer science from Northeastern University, during which I was very fortunate to work with Alina Oprea, and Jonathan Ullman. I have held several industry positions in the past, mainly in software engineering and data science. Recently, I was a data scientist at Klaviyo and Proofpoint.

Email: stanleywu+w AT cs DOT uchicago DOT edu


TMI! Finetuned Models Leak Private Information from their Pretraining Data
John Abascal, Stanley Wu, Alina Oprea, Jonathan Ullman
How to Combine Membership-Inference Attacks on Multiple Updated Models
Matthew Jagielski, Stanley Wu, Alina Oprea, Jonathan Ullman, Roxana Geambasu
Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETs), 2023
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